3 FREE eBooks Filled with Sewing Techniques and Quilting Inspiration from Bernina

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Discover 3 FREE eBooks
Filled with Sewing Techniques and Quilting Inspiration

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Sewing for the Home  

Fine Sewing Techniques

Load up on new sewing ideas! This free eBook contains unique quilting stitches and sewing techniques. Learn how to take advantage of those programmed pattern stitches on your machine, discover the wonders of thread painting, and enjoy a beautiful variety of ways to sew new designs!

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Embroidery Techniques

Create stunning embroidery! This free eBook is filled to the brim with tips and techniques to explore the endless possibilities of machine and hand embroidery. Dive into free-motion machine embroidery, experiment with the versatile satin stitch, take your skills to the next level with reverse appliqué and bobbin embroidery, and discover exquisite detailed hand embroidery designs.

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  Sewing Accessories
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Sewing Supplies  

Machine Quilting

Improve your machine stitching skills! This free eBook is jam-packed with tips for successful free-motion machine quilting, advice on how to get started, patterns for success, and design ideas. You'll want to print this one out and keep near your sewing machine as a handy reference guide.

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