Alto Sewing Machine by Sarah Dickens

By Eleanor Wong on

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Are you the type to toss out your clothing after careless encounters of having wears and tears instead of trying to mend it back together?  Does the thought of using a sewing machine scare you? If so, Sarah Dickins has created a solution!

Designed by a student at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom and also a contender for the 2012 James Dyson Award, Sarah Dickins had designed a user friendly, stylish futuristic sewing machine that encourages users to "make do and mend" fashionably.

Alto is still in its prototype stages and currently not available for the public yet. But I can't wait to try this if and when it comes out!

Check out the video below!











15 Comments on "Alto Sewing Machine by Sarah Dickens"

  1. Noela McQuillan
    2013/01/14   23:07
    Where do you buy one and how much? I do lots of sewing and collect many machines if you want someone to trial it give me a email.
  2. Valerie
    2013/02/09   22:58
    My heart just skipped a beat and I got a tear in my eyes. I think that I just fell in love with an object.
  3. Celina Pok
    2013/08/10   07:23
    Beautiful piece of machine. I like the no fuss look. Please keep me posted if it is for sale. Thanks
  4. Celina Pok
    2013/08/10   07:23
    Beautiful piece of machine. I like the no fuss look. Please keep me posted if it is for sale. Thanks
  5. Bob Richardson
    2014/02/15   01:53
    I want to buy one as soon as they are available! Please keep me posted!! This looks like a machine for the complete idiot! Yeah!
  6. Barbara Rivets
    2014/04/14   04:49
    Would love one of these!! Are they for sale somewhere?
  7. Debra Dean
    2014/09/05   05:04
    I would love to purchase one too, will they be available anytime?
  8. Barbara Campos Soler
    2014/11/24   08:22
    Perfectly beautiful and ideal ! Same question as everybody : where could it be purchased ? are they for sale somewhere ? I hope it will be produced, I will be happy to sale it in France !
  9. Judit
    2015/11/07   03:23
    Would love to try this machine . Ihave arthritis in hands and getting harder to do basic sewing these dats . But love to sew stil, for my dear great grand children. Please let me know if it will be available at a reasonable price for senior citisens.
  10. Judy Farnsworth
    2015/12/05   12:51
    Is the Alto for public purchase yet? Would love to have one.
  11. Tania Lee
    2016/01/24   16:07
    Any news about the availability of the Alto? Sarah Dickins can't design the beautiful machine and for the world not to enjoy it xx
  12. Carlene
    2016/02/06   04:27
    I am with everyone else. This machine is a piece of art, very beautiful, and the operation looks simple. I would love to have one, I have several machines including a Treddle (that I love) but the Alto would be a welcome addition. I love the room it would make quilting and replacing zippers in bulky work jackets, lol, much easier. Please keep me notified about the development of this sewing machine.
  13. Brenda Steinmetz
    2016/10/09   03:54
    When will this machine become available?
  14. Lisa Hendrix
    2018/01/29   00:58
    Did this ever make it to production? I would KILL for one like this!! Think of all the handicapped people without the use of their legs!! I'm soon to join that group!
  15. Sree bhavani
    2018/02/22   03:04
    Where do buy this alto sewing machines and how muchmay I know the details of this and how to work .

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