Basic Stitching Styles for Beginners

By Eleanor Wong on

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Let's get down to the basics with these few stitching styles that every beginner should know. (Below are some very good tutorial videos from youtube that teaches you how to get these results.)

1. Basting Stitch - Similar to the straight stitch, this stitch is primarily used to temporarily hold two peices of fabric together that you plan to eventually rip out.  This temporary stitch is perfect for gathering fabric.

2. Straight Stitch - Most basic and most important stitch to know! It can be used for almost any and everything such as to stitch seams, hems, and topstitching!

3. Topstitch - Part of the straight stitch, this style of stitching is used mainly for adding decoration. Perfect areas for using topstitching is on collars, cuffs, and facings.

4. Zigzag Stitch - Great for sewing knits, attaching elastic, and stretching fabrics because it is able to stretch with the stretchy material!

5. Three Step Zigzag Stitch - Part of the zigzag stitch, this is mostly recommended for items that require extreme stretching because it is able to provide more flexibility in attaching elastic that is needed in items like swimwear and under garments.

Hope this was a helpful guide, Happy Stitching!

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