Brother Released New Embroidery Machine this Year — Entrepreneur® Pro PR-1000

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Brother Entrepreneur® Pro PR-1000

The Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR-1000 is the world’s first 10-needle embroidery machine equiped with Large, full color 4.3” x 7.2” HD touch screen, unique Enhanced InnovEye® technology is like having a built-in camera above the needle, providing a close-up view of the needle area, Ultra-precise design positioning with the Snowman® Embroidery Positioning Marker, NEW InnovaChrome™ LED Thread Color System simplifies thread color setup and provides status cues, 110 Built-in designs, 28 size-adjustable fonts, plus frames and decorative alphabet designs. The price tag of this embroidery machine is around $12500.

Overview from Brother

"Experience the Next Dimension in innovation, creativity, productivity, and expansive space with the innovative Entrepreneur® Pro PR-1000 10-needle home embroidery machine. The PR-1000 raises the bar in embroidery for hobbyists, crafters and home-based entrepreneurs, with its 10 needles, InnovaChrome™ Thread Color System, InnovEye® technology, and more. The state-of-the-art InnovaChrome™ system provides colored LED lights under each spool, making thread color selection easy - simply match your thread color to the LED light color under each spool. The lights also double as a visual status system, so you can spend less time supervising the machine. And with the enhanced InnovEye® technology, you can view, in real time, a sharp, magnified view of the needle area – it’s like a having a built-in camera above the needle. As an added bonus, the included PE-DESIGN® Next Upgrade software* offers the ability to link up to four Brother PR-1000 or upgraded PR-650 machines to one computer, for enhanced productivity. The PR-1000 allows you to finish most multi-color designs faster, easier, and with greater precision than with most single or six-needle machines. Create professional results on a wide range of items with logos, monograms and more. Add the optional frames – from the jumbo 14”x14 frame and wide cap frame, to the border, cylindrical, round and quilt square frame for even more versatility. Let the PR-1000 inspire you to create designs you’ve only dreamed of before!"


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  1. Agaba Senate Baringi
    2013/08/21   18:41
    Where I get this Pro-1000 in Dubai and how much is it brand new. I will be in Dubai next week and I want to purchase one. Thanks
  2. Kashif Paul
    2015/03/02   18:39
    Brothers have retailer in Pakistan? I am interested to purchase this machine.

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