Caring for your Sewing Machine

By Eleanor Wong on

Tag: care, sewing machine, clean, maintenance

I recently came across a wonderful article that pin pointed four easy steps of how to easily care for your sewing machine that I wanted to share with all our fellow sewers! All you really need is a lint brush, a can of compresed air, a clean peice of loose fabric, sewing-machine oil, and a dust cover.

1. Keep your machines covered when it's not in use.

2. Change needles every four hours of sewing time

3. Learn to wind bobbins correctly and also to remember to use the designated bobbins for your machine to avoid permanent damage to the bobbin case.

4. Clean your machine often, especially after each use. (I.E. Clean in between the tension disks, inside the bobbin case, and the race hook)

To read the complete article from threadsmagazine, click here.


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