A Sewing Machine with Custom CMYK-Colored Thread

By Katya Ryabtseva on

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leitfaden sewing machine

The Leitfaden Sewing Machine concept by designers Monika Jakubek and Anna Müller will match your thread to any swatch of fabric.

Using what we're guessing is a similar technology to whatever the guys at the paint store use to match colors from stuff you bring in, this sewing machine can "copy" color from fabric or paper and apply it to previously-white thread using CMYK color process, just like your desktop printer.

leitfaden sewing machine

leitfaden sewing machine

leitfaden sewing machine

leitfaden sewing machine

And this concept, unlike most, doesn't give up form for functionality. It's got an open design and backlit work area, plus your stitch pattern can be projected on to the fabric that's about to be sewn.

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  1. claudete cassahy
    2013/07/01   22:22
    Boa noite, Como faço para comprar uma maquina de bordar bernina deco 340. Obrigado
  2. Susan Scobie
    2014/10/31   01:21
    How expensive for the colored ink? will the colors come like ink for a printer in a all in one color OR separate cartridges? How long would it last??? Is the BIGGY. I do a LOT of embroidery.
  3. John Smith
    2015/03/13   10:31
    Can I know the cost please? This looks wonderful!
  4. Roxane Weber
    2016/01/08   08:34
    I would love a machine
  5. madeline pisani
    2016/02/10   20:28
    I am interested in where I can purchase this machine and the pricing.
    2016/05/15   05:30
    Can I know the cost please?
  7. Lanie
    2017/01/05   14:15
    This looks awesome, I'd like my information please!
  8. Cecilia Ashmall
    2018/11/09   13:14
    Would love to know much more.

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