DIY Pincunshion's!

By Eleanor Wong on

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As my last few post featured modern and futuristic sewing machine designs and concepts, I thought it would would be great to spend some time on some DIY projects with your sewing machines!

I've found many great projects as I will feature them in the upcoming posts to share with you all!

Wraparound Pincushion

I've noticed that whenever I begin a DIY project, being organized is the last thing on my mind.  But I always try to be as organize as I can throughout the whole process but we all know that is very difficult when so many events take place throughout the whole process such as looking for needles, going through fabric pieces, and reaching for those scissors that's laying half way across the table. Does that happen to you too?

If so, I've found the perfect solution! least for one of our problems which is a place to keep all of your needles together and what better place than being on your sewing machine! has a tutorial here of how to make a "wraparound pincushion" that literally wraps around your sewing machine. I love this idea! So cute, useful, and easy to make!

Be even more creative and you can make one that wraps around your wrist as well but remember to add some extra padding in Step 2 in the tutorial so that the needles won't poke through. Have a happy sewing with this cute DIY project!


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