Electroloom, a 3-D Printer

By Eleanor Wong on

Tag: modern, futuristic, 3d printer, wearable fabric, technology, clothes

We don't necessarily have a 3-D printer that can print out our clothes from designs that we find online using our computers just yet.  But Aaron Rowley, founder of Electroloom, is half way there.

Electroloom is a product that is in development of a 3-D printer for creating customized, on-demand apparel with the ease of your desktop being the clothing manufacturer.  This gives anyone and everyone a unique experience, along with the power of being designers, of creating their own wearable pieces. Electroloom also focuses on sustainability and "reducing the amount of embodied energy in an article of clothing." In addition, "Rowley imagines an online database with crowdsourced designs."

If and when that happens, the manufacturing and retail industry of the fashion world will shift.  It will become a new era of how individuals will learn to create, design, and wear clothes in a way we've never experienced...yet.

A look at the early stages of Electroom, the 3-D printer.



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