Foldable Sewing Machine by Richard Burrow

By Eleanor Wong on

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One of the characteristics of this design that we should focus on is the fact that it is a foldable sewing machine!  Richard Burrows also gave his design a very retro look.  It is lighter and less bulky than the conventional sewing machines.  The beauty of this peice is that it is portable and folds for easy storage.  However, it only features basic functionality required mainly for alterations or repairs.  But if that is all you're looking for in a sewing machine then this would be a perfect match for you!

Unfortunately it is still only a concept but what do you think about this design?

foldable sewing machine richard burrow

foldable sewing machine richard burrow 2

foldable sewing machine richard burrow 1


foldable sewing machine richard burrow 3


2 Comments on "Foldable Sewing Machine by Richard Burrow"

  1. Au Minh (Peter) Hai
    2017/12/13   21:55
    I like it, make it and tell me where I can buy it. (If I am finance enough
  2. Lisa Hendrix
    2018/01/29   00:55
    Would LOVE one of these!! Did it ever make it to production?

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