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Technology in the fashion industry has come a long way.  Designers are creating apparel to accessories and fitness wear that can do everything from monitor your heart rate to charge your smartphone.

Here's a few:

1. Battery Charger

charge it

Using lightweight wired garments, designed by Wearable Solar , to charge smartphones if worn in the sun for an hour.

2. Environment sensor


Amy Winters is the one who designed these interactive items. She created garments that respond to the environment.  The dress on the left illuminates with increasing sound while the bathing suit on the right reacts to light with the center panel turning into purple dots in the sun.

3. Garment Tracker

trackable clothing

This one is great, designer Asher Levine, included tracking chips in his garments so items will never be lost in the closet again! Users can use the TrackR app to locate the items.

4. Eye Tracker


Be careful of staring at someone too long because this dress is composed of eye-tracking technology, created by fashion designer Ying Gao .  The dress starts to move when someone is looking and it is also made with glow-in-the-dark threads.

5. Heart Monitor

heart monitoring sports bra

For all the female fitness ethusiasts, this NuMetrix sports bar, made by Textronics, can track your heart rate.

To view more wearable technology tech trends, please visit www.cnbc.com.


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