Husqvarna Viking

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New brand today — Husqvarna Viking!

Husqvarna Viking

In 1689 Husqvarna was founded as a royal arms factory. In the early 1870's, Husqvarna started finding it difficult to get orders for rifles. New manufacturing objects needed to be found. And that is how the arduous work of the little arms factory lead to the position Husqvarna enjoys as one of the world's most prominent sewing machine manufacturers.
The Board of Directors decided on February 5, 1872 to start manufacturing sewing machines. The first model was given the name "Nordsjernan" (The Northern Star).

Husqvarna Viking The Northern Star

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  1. Lisa Lullo
    2011/09/10   21:02
    I purchased a Singer sewing machine from my local Joann Viking Store, I paid cash so I wouldn't have any problems with a refund. Two days later I returned the machine, it just wasn't up to the job I needed it for. When I returned it to the store they informed me that they were unable to refund my cash it would have to come from the corporate office, and would take 3 to 4 weeks, I don't know about everyone else but this is unacceptable. since when do you get penalized for paying cash!!! I need to purchase another machine, but I have to wait until the corporate office decides to send me my refund, as of today it has been 12 days, and still no refund and I have contacted the corporate office by phone, email and fax, and have been told it's there policy and there is noway to expedite my refund (REALLY). I'm wondering do they have to print there own money and walk it to Pensacola, FL. So this is a warning to all who do business with Husqvarna Viking,
  2. JEleks
    2019/03/25   17:47 rays of autocad.

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