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USHA logo

We've listed a new brand today — USHA. USHA is one of the India’s known consumer durables sales, marketing, distribution and manufacturing Companies started in 1937. For millions of people around the country, sewing machines are synonymous with Usha. India's first name in sewing machines, Usha was introduced in 1940, and till today is the largest selling in India.

Usha Flora Orange zig-zag sewing machine
USHA Flora (Orange)

USHA produces modern hand cranch sewing machines, combos — motorized and manual stitching models and industrial sewing machines at very affordable price starting from 2680 Indian Rupees, aproximately $60.

Usha Butterfly Hand Cranch sewing machine
USHA Butterfly

All hand crank and combos models a very beautiful. The design is perfect, unfortunately I can't say the same about modern mehanical and computerized sewing machines.

Usha Hand Crank Sewing Machine Streamlined
USHA Streamlined

Usha Flora Yellow zig-zag sewing machine
USHA Flora (Yellow)

Usha Umang Deluxe Hand Cranch sewing machine
USHA Umang Deluxe

Usha Link Deluxe Hand Cranch sewing machine
USHA Link Deluxe

For specifications and other USHA sewing machines please visit USHA's page


13 Comments on "USHA — Indian Sewing Machine Brand"

  1. Lazarus Poorman
    2011/05/18   10:22
    Handsome machines. Perfect for living a simple lifestyle.
  2. naima
    2011/07/21   18:48
    wow very stylish and traditional looking.
  3. mohan
    2011/09/10   05:13
    I bought USHA sewing machine. I coulnot use it from day one because there was some misalignment issue in wheels of the machine and stand. Also their customer support is too bad
  4. parwati singari
    2011/11/05   13:13
    just replaced my singer with usha, as singer service was bad hope this is better. does anyone one of tailoring groups online?
  5. Sangeetha
    2012/03/08   09:48
    Where can I get Usha sewing machine accessories. I have a usha stitch magic with me !!
  6. nita Xerla
    2012/10/22   09:24
    I purchased a Usha hand crank machine 40 years ago. Later I upgraded it to a leg machins by installing the table & leg wheel with belt. It works beautifully even today with NO maintenence.
  7. Stacey
    2013/01/11   01:48
    Any idea if it's possible to get one of these shipped to the US? These look gorgeous.
  8. rajkumar
    2013/08/31   15:40
    we bought usha flora machine bought before two years but kept unused and it is jammed and we forgot abt inputing of accessories and we are unable to fix it..
  9. veena grover
    2013/09/18   12:18
    i need a usha hand flora machine where do i get it
  10. s.shukla
    2014/06/27   12:54
    we hve USHA FLORA BRAND NEW and like to sell out contect Mob.8000152380
    2015/12/05   11:40
    recruitment call 8097900992
  12. Revati
    2016/06/28   07:39
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  13. satvender paul
    2016/07/03   14:39
    I am intrested to buy

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