Brother Introducing New Sewing Machine — Laura Ashley Limited Edition Innov-ís NX-800

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Laura Ashley Limited Edition Innov-ís NX-800

In April Brother introduced The Laura Ashley Limited Edition Innov-ís NX-800, the second Laura Ashley licensed machine from Brother.

Overview from Brother

Introducing the new Laura Ashley Limited Edition Innov-ís NX-800 Sewing Machine – lighter version, lovely features.

The Laura Ashley Limited Edition Innov-ís NX-800 has been developed with exciting sewing and quilting features to delight beginner and advanced enthusiasts, including 138 built-in stitches, practically limitless stitch options with the Brother® exclusive My Custom Stitch™ feature, Free-Motion Sewing, and a variety of sewing and quilting accessories, including quilting feet and a Wide Quilting Extension Table.


15 Comments on "Brother Introducing New Sewing Machine — Laura Ashley Limited Edition Innov-ís NX-800"

  1. Sheri
    2011/07/23   04:51
    I'm loving this machine! Only got it two days ago and I've been sewing non-stop. It does everything they claim it does and does it all very well! I'm having so much fun! Never knew sewing could be so enjoyable. It was a cinch to get the thread and bobbin ready. The automatic needle threading is awsome, and while the automatic thread cutter seemed like an un-necessary feature to me at firt, I now could not live without it. I also am enjoying that there is an on/off switch on the machine so you don't have to use the foot pedal if you don't want to. The switch is wonderful. I can't believe how quickly the automatic button holes get done, and they look nice. Directions are easy to follow. Within a few minutes of taking the machine out of the box, I was on my way to making a darling project. So happy I made this purchase!
  2. Hery
    2012/07/28   01:48
    I have had my Bernina 830 for 16 years now...My grandma bhuogt it in June 1972 when I was born--she rarely used it. My husband built her a fence and made her pay him with the machine. I have replaced the motor twice, the brushes once, and the pedal once. They are no longer making the motors for it and I am thinking it is time to replace it...I am leaning toward a Pfaff with the built in walking foot and I can have it worked on locally. But I intend to semi-retire the 830 and use it as a back up!
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