MagZip, The Zipper of the Future

By Eleanor Wong on

Tag: magzip, zipper, futuristic, under amour

Do you ever wonder what the future will be like with all the technology that we have at hand?  One thing's for sure and that is for new inventions to simplify our everyday activity. Here's a glimpse of one item that we use almost every day of our lives, a zipper.  But not just any regular zipper, Magzip designed by Engineer Scott Peters, is an innovative, newly re-designed magnetic zipper that only requires the use of one hand!  This is incredible because it will eliminate all those frustrating times of when zippers would get caught with the fabric, getting stuck, and most importantly, resolve the issue of having two loose ends!  

MagZip, patented and licensed for Under Armour, will debut in the company's upcoming new line of clothes and jackets to be introducted next Fall of 2014. [Under Armour]

Will you be getting one once it hit stores?