Brother Innov-ís NX-2000 Laura Ashley Limited Edition Sewing Machine

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Brother Innov-ís NX-2000 Laura Ashley Limited Edition Sewing Machine

Laura Ashley and Brother International Corporation have joined forces to introduce one of the most impressive sewing and quilting machines available. The Laura Ashley Limited Edition Sewing Machine offers an exceptional range of features to delight do-it-yourself home decorators, such as 460 included sewing stitches (430 built-in, 30 on CD), an Automatic Height Adjuster™ AHA® Feature that detects varying fabric thicknesses while sewing to achieve perfectly uniform stitches, and a Pivot Feature to allow for easily managed corners the first time, every time. If 460 stitches isn’t enough, use the exclusive Brother® My Custom Stitch™ Feature to create virtually an unlimited number of personalized stitches and save them to the machine’s expansive memory. Use the three included feet to enjoy easy free-motion sewing, and simply attach the included extra-large quilting extension table to accommodate your largest projects. Exciting included accessories like the Circular Sewing Attachment and Bobbin Work Bundle both allow for beautiful embellishment on virtually every project imaginable. With the Laura Ashley Limited Edition Sewing Machine, bringing a touch of sophisticated English flair home has never been easier!

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