Sewing Machines for Kids

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When I was a kid, little sewing machine was my dream! It works like mom's sewing machine, but made specially for me: small size, easy to use and design! All these things was very important.

Janome Hello Kitty

sewing machine for kids

This sewing machine isn't a toy. It is equipped with all necessary functions for children's projects. Here is 10 built-in preset stitches and 4-step buttonhole, reverse lever, auto bobbing winding system, built-in handle and thread tension. Ideal for ages 8 and up.

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Janome Blossom

sewing machine for kids — Janome Blossom

This sewing machine ideal for age 8 and up. This model is a little easier: 8 preset stitches, reverse sewing, thread tension, automatic bobing winding and dropin bobbin system. link


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  1. canflex
    2011/02/19   10:10
    it is a great information for Sewing Machines.thanks for sharing.
  2. Mareen
    2011/10/08   13:30
    Do you deliver sewing machine for kids to Asia? How much is the price for the hello kitty model?
  3. prabs
    2011/12/28   17:18
    Hi Please let me know the price of this sweing machine. we want to buy in India. Please give the contact no in India or Address.
  4. ahmed
    2013/03/17   06:49
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  5. ahmed
    2013/03/17   06:53
    Required a sewing machine for kids Strange forms best
  6. ahmed
    2013/03/17   07:04
    Send to Saudi arabi possible
  7. Brenda
    2015/05/13   18:03
    Do you know where I could get a manual for the Janome Blossom machine?
    2016/09/16   09:28
    Thanks for sharing this article, I am happy to get this. You have the best site and nice posts they very helped us. It's an impressive one of the best blogs . I am very much impressed with you. Thank u all

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