Sewing Tips for Beginners

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A few tips that every beginner should know! I found this great article written by Caroline on her personal blog,

She's been sewing since she was 8 so she knows a thing or two about sewing machines. She's listed a bunch of great tips.  I will list her main tips here but to read a more in depth description about her article that explains each tip and why, click here.

Sewing Tips


1.  Iron and steam your fabrics for your projects

2.  Get to know...Interfacing

3.  Use straight pins in your projects

4.  Invest in a Rotary cutter, Self-healing mat, and a Clear ruler!

5.  Make and save your Pattern Pieces

6.  Keep the pressure pedal at a moderate and steady pace

7.  Don't use Cheap thread

8.  Clip Corners and Excess Fabric (for projects that needs to be turned inside out)

9.  Box the bottom corners (if making a bag)

10. Learn the benefits of Topstitching


I recommend for you to go to her blog, here, as she explains each tip in a more detailed manner and she also has pictures to go along with them! I loved the pictures because they were super helpful! Thanks Caroline!


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