Soh by Christy Gonzales

By Eleanor Wong on

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We all appreciate sewing machines, right? Honestly, where would we be without these amazing machines!

If so, you would all love to see this one and appreciate the design and idea of Soh even more! This is not just a regular sewing machine but a small, compact portable one! Perfect for all those on-the-go events! I came across Soh, which was a project Christy Gonzales was working on during her sophomore year and the task was to redesign a portable sewing machine.



I think this peice is great! It's very modern, sleek, with a touch of color so that it is not just a dull boring white design.  The orange really makes it so much better and makes this peice of design pop!



As mentioned before, I just love the fact that it's compact, portable, and most of all, convenient!  As described on the link here "Soh is a compact sewing machine that stores your sewing necessities into one unit for easy portability".

In addition, the top of the design can also slide off to create a more stable sewing surface. WOW!  Very well thought out Christy!






However, this is only a concept and therefore is not available for sale.  But it would be awesome to own one of these!




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