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After stumbling over this video, I was so intriqued that I just had to find out more about this cutting-edge design! This is such a wonderfully concepted idea.  It is a concept designed and created by an industrial designer, James Wood.  He had developed and brought it to life with this prototype as his final year's project before he graduated.  Although he has no plans of moving it forward as of the moment, it is still wonderful to see that such a peice even exists! Click below to watch the video.

Sue - Sewing Machine from James Wood on Vimeo.


After viewing this video of Sue on vimeo for the first time, I was estatic with this design and what a work of art this peice really is.  James had taken the sewing machine to the next level.  He took current ideas of what a tradtitional sewing machine was and combined it with new modern concepts and design to transform it into this new peice that we've never seen before.  It's all about simplicity and user experience.  James really focused on the core of functionality and making even new users feel comfortable of using it..  Sue provides the basic necessities of what a sewing machine entails without all the extra options and features that can overwhelm an individual, especially for a beginner like me.


What do I love most about this peice?

Well, for one or should I say two because I absolutely love the idea of the magnetic scissor holder as well as using felt to act as a pincussion because God knows that when people are in sync with that they are doing and focused on, they don't have time to keep everything else in place.  This is really a great way to keep items organized and to avoid creating piles on the table or even misplacing items such as pins and needles!

sue by james wood

I can't even imagine what sewing machines would be like in the future but with ideas coming left and right along with the growing technology that our world encounters everyday, there's no doubt that more people will take sewing up as a new hobby after seeing Sue.  James has opened another door of possibilities in the sewing world and it will be a matter of time til we see more and more unique concepts develop such as his.


What are your thoughts about Sue's design?  Is there anything you could add to make it even better



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