The Ins and Outs - Sewing 101

By Eleanor Wong on

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Let's get started, for beginners, a sewing machine looks anything but inviting. But you're excited to start! The first few questions that comes to mind is usually "Where do I start?", "What is this for?", and "How do I do this?" Next, we would look into the designated instruction's manual or resort to the world wide web for some answers.  But look no further sewers because I've found the perfect guide to answer all of your beginner's problems!

Please click on the link to view the complete guide Get to know your sewing machine . Sewing 101 written by Lindsey from

Wondering about thread tensions, winding bobbin, stitch selections, you name it! Read the guide above to understand your sewing machine and how it works. She covers the basics beginning from turning on the power swtich all through to getting you started of how to insert your first fabric piece to begin sewing!



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  1. Joanne
    2014/08/03   01:37
    This is great! I am going to have my very own sewing machine this week, Viking E10, and I can't wait! I learned how to sew when I was in high school but that's ages ago. I hope I still know the basics. Your website is very helpful, esp as I read some reviews of the sewing machines. I didn't want to spend much on it, and there's just a few available according to my budgets, and where' I am (Singapore/Jakarta). Looking forward to learn more, as I enjoy sewing! Thanks for your website!

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