Timeless Treasure Sewing Machine Fabric

By Eleanor Wong on

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It's finally summer season here on the east coast and that means more crafts, projects, and sewing lined up ahead!  One of the most exciting thing I would say would be going out to pick some new fabric pieces for your next project.  There are just so many choices and designs that it is quite difficult to make up your mind sometimes!

One of the newest peices of fabric that I am going to show you today is one that Kate recently purchased from fabric.com called Timeless Treasures Sewing Machines.  It is $9.20 per yard on the website compared at $10.99 per yard.


The design is very retro and fun.  I absolutely just love the colors and placement of the different sewing machines.  It also adds a pop of color perfect for the summertime.  This would be great for craft projects, quilting, and home décor accents.

What are some recent fabric prints that you have purchased recently?