Toyota-Award by Sebastien Weber

By Eleanor Wong on

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Hope everyone is enjoyed another fabulous weekend!

Today, I want to feature another concept known as Toyota-Award by Industrial Designer, Sebastien Weber.  One of my favorite types of design has to be minimalistic design.  I love a clean, sleek, and most of all a simple look that can eliminate all non-essential components yet using the fewest elements to create maximum effect.

You would think to create something so simple should be easy but I think it's one of the most hardest task.  To be able to pick and choose what stays and what goes while maintaining the simple functionality as well as figuring out how to incorporate new features or elements of design to continually make it better is tough.  It's always an ongoing process inside a designer's state of mind.

But Sebastien Weber was able to design something along those lines in the form of a sewing machine!  He developed and designed this sewing machine, with combined elements of miminalism and retro-design.

Sadly again, this is only a concept therefore it is not available for purchase as of yet but I hope someday, it will be available!

Below are some images of what Toyota-Award looks like.

toyota award


toyota award 2


toyota award 3

Do you like it?  What are your views on this design?


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