World's First Spray on Cloth

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We’ve entered another era in fashion revolution.  Thanks to fashion designer, Manel Torres, for inventing the world’s first spray on clothing!  It is now possible to create your own clothing by simply spraying it on through either an aerosol can or spray gun. The spray consists of special fibers and polymers that make it possible for the final product to be durable and stretchy.  Treat it like another piece of clothing as it can be washed and re-worn.  This technology will allow designers to experiment, create, and transform the fashion and science industry.

I think this is a great invention and can’t wait to see more unique items created from spray on clothing.

spray on clothing

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10 Comments on "World's First Spray on Cloth"

  1. amitdeb
    2016/05/08   09:31
    Waww really nice. A new fashion icon in the industry.
  2. David
    2016/05/08   09:32
    Nice tech, it will be revolutionary in the the fashion and clothing. Niceeee.
  3. Paul
    2016/05/12   07:55
    My wife always wanted to have painted dress but I am unable to gift her. Thanks for your ideas, finally I will be able to geift her Thanks
  4. Siyu
    2016/05/28   11:08
    The spray clothes are just awesome. Have to tell we are having a very good technology for decorating our clothes. Thanks for giving the information in this article.
  5. Lovely
    2016/05/28   11:12
    Nice technology for cloth designing. This must be a good cotent for all the fashion lover ladies. <a href="">Nail designs too</a>
  6. chiro
    2016/07/16   10:27
    Hi, Wow!!! I'm speechless about spray clothes and it's really creative. Thanks for sharing this informative post.
  7. sanjoy debbarma
    2016/07/16   13:28
    Wow, incredible I have never seen like that earlier....! thanks for sharing...!
  8. langambayumlembam20
    2016/07/21   08:49
    Wow, this is really amazing stuffs, please let me know where to get it?
  9. Bicks
    2016/08/06   05:53
    It is a great invention in fashion technology.Really is now based on technology.Thanks.
  10. Olivia
    2016/09/15   09:33
    HI, I would say great invention and very useful. Please keep writing

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