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  • 7412 - brands & models

    The Singer 7412 is a sewing machine built to be easy to thread and operate. It includes 30 Stitch Patterns, plus 2 Automatic 1-Step Buttonholes, free Arm with On Board Storage, SwiftSmart(TM) Threading System and Drop & Sew(TM) Bobbin System, adjustable Stitch Length and Width and Auto Tension.

  • Caring for your Sewing Machine - blog & news

    Here's a few steps of how to care for your sewing machine and make sure it's running smooth!

  • The Ins and Outs - Sewing 101 - blog & news

    Here's a simple but comprehensive guide that features the basics of everything you should know about your sewing machine.

  • Timeless Treasure Sewing Machine Fabric - blog & news

    Featuring Timeless Treasure Sewing Machine fabric print designed for Timeless Treasures from a collection of Sewing & Knitting Novelties.

  • Ara: Sewing Machine - blog & news

    Ara is a wonderfully designed home sewing machine, a concept project by Felipe Claus, geared for young beginners in the fashion world. It embodies the basic functionalities of a sewing machine with a few extra features, such as easy threading to displaying better lighting...

  • Next 20 - brands & models

    Amazing design. Simple and elegant sewing machine with 13 patterns (include 1 feston / satin stitch) Double height presser foot for tightness Type of buttonhole: 4 steps Zigzag width 0 to 5 mm (fixed) Stitch length 0 to 4 mm (fixed) Automatic winder system Greater visibility and accessibility of the sewing area Includes sewing surface winder mechanical machinery market Has a carrying handle Includes a set of accessories 70W motor - 15W sewing light

  • CG-590 Commercial Grade - brands & models

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