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  • 1956, Boston Futuristic Fashion Show - blog & news

    04 Apr 1956, Boston, Massachusetts, USA — Juli Dane modeling a futuristic hat, for brides a thousand years from now, at a Boston fashion show. It's from the famed Golden Wedding collection of bridal gowns and accessories of the past, present and future. The dual antennas and headset are supposed to let the young bride, honeymooning on the moon, keep in touch with family and friends on earth...

  • Foldable Sewing Machine by Richard Burrow - blog & news

    A foldable sewing machine concept by Richard Burrow.

  • Alto Sewing Machine by Sarah Dickens - blog & news

    Designed by Sarah Dickins, Alto is to simplify threading.

  • "Amino" Sewing Machine by Othmar Muehlebach - blog & news

    Amino, the ergonomically sophisticated sewing machine design concept by Swiss Designer, Othmar Muehlebach.

  • MagZip, The Zipper of the Future - blog & news

    Do you ever wonder what the future will be like with all the technology that we have at hand? One thing's for sure and that is for new inventions to simplify our everyday activity. Here's a glimpse of one item that we use almost every day of our lives, a zipper...

  • Futuristic Tech Trends - blog & news

    Wearable Technology will be the future of fashion. From garments that can charge smartphones to monitoring heart rates.

  • Electroloom, a 3-D Printer - blog & news

    A 3-D printer for creating customized, on-demand apparel using your desktop is going to be one of the futuristic breakthroughs in technology.