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  • Sue, concept by James Wood - blog & news

    Sue is a concept of a cutting-edge sewing machine designed by an industrial designer, James Wood, to provide a better user experience.

  • Toyota-Award by Sebastien Weber - blog & news

    A sewing machine inspired by minimalistic and retro-design, created by Sebastien Weber.

  • Soh by Christy Gonzales - blog & news

    A wonderful concept idea that was targeted to redesign a portable sewing machine by Christy Gonzales.

  • Visible Sound by Sounds.Butter - blog & news

    The Visual Sound, a prototype that plays music and stitches the frequencies all in one, by Sounds.Butter.

  • A Sculptural Sewing Machine by Pinar Cevikayak - blog & news

    A sewing machine to admire, combined with modern look and sculptural design.

  • Laser Cut Fashion - blog & news

    Laser cut fashion has grown tremendously over the recent years as technology made the service more readily available to manufacturers. This type of technology was first originally used by couture designers.

  • Electroloom, a 3-D Printer - blog & news

    A 3-D printer for creating customized, on-demand apparel using your desktop is going to be one of the futuristic breakthroughs in technology.