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  • 3323S Talent - brands & models

    Singer 3323S Talen is perfect for beginners. With easy threading, top drop-in bobbin, and automatic needle threader, set-up is simple and frustration-free. Features include 23 stitch patterns, a fully automatic one-step buttonhole, and adjustable stitch length and width. Variable needle positions make clothing construction and other creative projects not only possible, but fun and easy.

  • 3116 Simple - brands & models

    The SINGER 3116 Simple is a great for beginners. The machine comes complete with an automatic needle threader, 18 built-in stitches (basic, stretch and decorative), 4 different presser feet and a fully automatic one-step buttonhole, so you can get those projects started in a snap. The SINGER 3116 Simple Sewing Machine is the basic sewing machine you will love to use.

  • DIY Pincunshion's! - blog & news

    Keep your needles organized and sew with ease with this cute DIY pincushion tutorial from Martha Stewart!

  • Step by Step: Installing a Basic Zipper Tutorial - blog & news

    Attempting to install a basic zipper to anything can be scary for the first time. But this step by step tutorial makes it all seem like a breeze!

  • Perfect Tension Tips & Tricks - blog & news

    Having tension problems? Follow these tips to learn how to get perfect tension every time when you sew!

  • Sewing Machine Needles 101 - blog & news

    Learn more about the different types of sewing machine needles and which ones to choose. Know the importance of using the right one rather than just the default one that comes with your sewing machine!

  • Sewing Tips for Beginners - blog & news

    Some great sewing tips for new beginners, Take note!

  • The Ins and Outs - Sewing 101 - blog & news

    Here's a simple but comprehensive guide that features the basics of everything you should know about your sewing machine.