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  • Michley LSS-202 - reviews

    Michley LSS-202 Lil' Sew mini is a portable light weight sewing machine (2.55 lbs) at very affordable price ($15-$20). It is one stitch model without reverse function and length control, but this inexpensive sewing machine has an automatic bobbin winding, 2 speeds, ability to sew with foot control or using start/stop button. It also can operate on batteries...

  • SS-602 - brands & models

    Electronic Sewing machine. 12 basic stitches. Each stitch pattern has adjustable length and width for 5 more styles.

  • LLS-208 - brands & models

    Lil' Sew & Sew Mini 2-Speed Sewing Machine

  • LSS-202 - brands & models

    LSS-202 Lil' Sew Mini is a great sewing machine for that price. Automatic Bobbing winding, 2 sewing speeds, ability to sew from light to heavy fabrics such as denim and start/stop knob. Very light weight — 2,55 lbs. It can operate on batteries so if you can just pick it up and take it wherever you go.

  • LSS-339 - brands & models

    Lil' Sew & Sew LSS-339 Portable Sewing Machine with 2 built-in stitches: straight and zig-zag stitch with adjustable width. It has reverse lever, thread tension adjustment, start/stop knob and 2 sewing speeds. LSS-339 can operate on batteries.

  • LSS-505 - brands & models

    Lil' Sew & Sew Multi-Purpose sewing machine with 8 preset built-in stitches, drop-in bobbin system, built-in sewing light and handle, 2 speeds and bobbin winding. Also can operate on batteries. This is good for quick mending and for small and simple projects.

  • Michley — Dirt Cheap Portable Sewing Machines - blog & news

    Very lightweight portable sewing machines by Michley at very affordable price (starting from $15). For some situations and uses all of them are good.