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  • JL250 - brands & models

    This sewing machine has 36 built-in stitches including utility, quilting and some decorative stitches with width and length adjustment, automatic buttonhole sewing, built-in needle threader, free arm option, slide speed control and LCD screen. JL250 is suitable for experienced sewers and for beginners.

  • JL300C - brands & models

    The main features of JL300C are built-in needle threader, LED indicator, 5 styles of automatic buttonholes, 25 built-in utility, quilting and decorative stitches with adjustable width and length and free hand darning option. Suitable for seamstress and general sewers.

  • John Lewis Mechanical and Elctronic Sewing Machines - blog & news

    John Lewis produces not only mini sewing machines, but also electronic and general mechanical models. We've listed 5 more products under that brand, two electronic and 3 mechanical sewing machines. All of these machines are basic and suitable for beginners, occasional sewers, but some of them is good for experienced sewers as well...