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  • Marimekko Fabric Printing - blog & news

    Screen printing in action. Cool video from Finnish brand Marimekko.

  • Pantone's Spring 2013 Color Palette - blog & news

    The colors that inspire fashion, design, and of course fabric as well! Have you seen Pantone's Color Palette for Spring 2013?

  • Water Repellent Innovations - blog & news

    For all those messy situations that we've ever been in, we've always wished there was a water repellent spray or material to answer our prayers. Believe it or not, it has been answered with products that do just that...

  • Laser Cut Fashion - blog & news

    Laser cut fashion has grown tremendously over the recent years as technology made the service more readily available to manufacturers. This type of technology was first originally used by couture designers.

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